Since the internet it a little too brilliant at storing random links you’ve landed at Lyn Boyer’s old website! So… let’s get you over to the REAL website. CLICK HERE… and you’ll be on your way. See you over at!

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  1. Hello Lyn

    We are your Italian friends. We had the pleasure to meet you at Grand Canyon and have a very interesting and loving chat.
    I am not the painter one but the other friend who spoke English.
    I saw your paintings in the webside. Let me tell you your are very talented and they are really fantastic. The colors are outstanding.

    We are back now to ordinary life again. Let’s keep in touch.

    Much love from all of us

    • Truly was a pleasure to meet all of you Giovanni! It was so nice of you to stop and chat and be interested in my work. Thanks for your truly kind comments. And yes, let’s do keep in touch. Love to all of you and thank you for making a long day of painting a little brighter!

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