No Fear Oil Painting! – with Lyn Boyer

March 15 – 17, 2019  |  Sorrel Sky Gallery, Durango CO – SOLD OUT – waiting list

May 20 – 22, 2019 | Sedona Arts Center, Sedona AZ – 475.00

“Painting tunes the senses and the soul.” – Lyn Boyer

Learn 3 keys in 3 days to unlocking expression and begin painting without fear!

Day 1: Discover the beauty in your brushes by choosing your tools and controlling them masterfully, bringing new energy to your paintings through creative brush handling.

Day 2: See color and paint color by unraveling the world of color and light, properties of pigments and pigment choices, while using both a limited and expanded palette. Foolproof color mixing and the nuances of grays will also be covered.

Day 3: Master edges as the final touch by understanding the painting surface and paint application necessary for a higher skill level of edge control. Identify the how, when and where of edges, using them artfully to bring that final sense of freedom and nuance to your paintings.

Intermediate to advanced

Plein Air – The Joy of Observation! Developing your personal path: the problem, the practice and the performance. – with Lyn Boyer

October 9 – 11, 2019 | Sedona Arts Center, Sedona AZ – 475.00

Each group and each student is unique! My goal is to offer a roadmap that will continue to guide your creative journey long after the workshop is over. To bring more clarity to your work. To learn to paint with intent. To continue the journey from ‘painting’ to becoming a ‘painter’. And most importantly – how to develop the mindset of ‘practice’ that leads to successful ‘performance’.

Day one: I will be doing a demo start to finish, explaining my thought process for each step, aiding you in developing a personal methodology. During the demo we’ll touch on a variety of subjects – drawing, design, value, color, harmonizing your painting, materials and brush and paint handling. We will discuss how to approach your creative process – concept, scene selection and preparation. You will learn the steps that prepare the groundwork for a successful painting.

Day two: Permission to slow down and find the joy! You will have time to work through each of the preparatory steps for creating a painting ‘en plein air’. I’ll be teaching a method not a style. Whether you’re new to plein air or an experienced professional having a structure that allows you to check your progress at each stage before moving on to the next will bring more consistency to your efforts. You’ll avoid a problem, unresolved from an early stage in the process, spoil what otherwise may have been an inspired painting. Start strong! End Strong!

Day three: The day will be devoted entirely to using the preparatory work from days one and two to bring your paintings to completion. Each student will receive individual instruction. The day will be devoted to putting into practice the concepts we’ve covered and allow you to focus on that on the thing that is going to put wind under your wings!

Bring your questions, your curiosity and some thoughts about what you’ve been most wanting to improve!


Workshop Supply List – click here

Email the studio to apply for individual or small group workshops.

Small Group Workshops:
One day workshop (3-7 students): $350 per student
Two day workshop (3-7 students): $450 per student
Three day workshop (3-7 students): $550 per student

Group Workshops:
One day workshop (8-15 students): $275 per student
Two day workshop (8-15 students): $375 per student
Three day workshop (8-15 students): $475 per student

Private Workshops:
One day workshop: $550
Two day workshop: $750
Three day workshop: $950

Schedule for plein air workshops: rain or shine
9-11 – lecture and demo
11-12: sack lunch and informal discussion
12-5: painting on location plein air. I will not be painting during the afternoon so I can spend the time giving feedback and individual help.
(optional afternoon schedule 2-7 if we want to do some evening painting)
The workshops will be tailored specifically to help you toward your individual goals or the goals of your group.  You may choose to select topics from the ‘one day intensives’ for your 2 and 3 day workshops or choose additional topics that interest you.

Schedule for studio workshops:
9-11 – lecture and demo
11-12: lunch break
12-5: guided exercises working on specific core skills.
The workshops will be tailored to help each individual find a path forward to take their painting to the next level.


TOPICS: If you or your group want to use your time to focus on a specific topic I’m happy to tailor your workshop to get to the heart of what you’re after. Below are some of the ‘intensives’ available.  If you have a special request not on the list let me know.

A GOOD START MEANS A GOOD FINISH: The specific steps to creating a good block and and then taking your painting to finish.

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