Since the internet it a little too brilliant at storing random links you’ve landed at Lyn Boyer’s old website! So… let’s get you over to the REAL website. CLICK HERE… and you’ll be on your way. See you over at!

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  1. Lyn thanks for the Great explanation of your workshops and Classes. My wife and I are headed to Grolden CO next weekend. We leave Monday the 13th but could leave sooner. Do you have any small Group happenings in Durango from May the 11th to Early June?
    I am Painting and want to be a painter. Semi retired, been painting for about 12 years. 73 years on this beautiful planet. Looking forward to herring from you. Carl Harvey Brinkman
    830.955.7045 Kerrville TX

  2. Hi. I listened to your demo At the Plein air live event. I live in St. Louis, Love your style and paintings. Would appreciate it if you would send me the pdf for the color mixing card. Hopefully I can take one of your workshops someday. Thank you. Jan

    Please place me on your mailing list

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