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Since the internet it a little too brilliant at storing random links you’ve landed at Lyn Boyer’s old website! So… let’s get you over to the REAL website. CLICK HERE… and you’ll be on your way. See you over at!

29 thoughts on “New website launch at

  1. Not only are you a wonderful artist, you are also a wonderful teacher. I learned important concepts, new to me, when I took private lessons from you. I will be calling to schedule more lessons.

  2. Lyn,
    It was a great pleasure meeting and talking with you today at the Grand Canyon today. Thank you for allowing me to have a little of your time.
    I just finished viewing your web site, very impressive.
    Gordon Hester

  3. I am very privileged to be the proud owner of San Francisco de Asis Mission Church painting. It called my name at the Maynard Dixon gallery and I couldn’t leave without it! Your work is beautiful and the color is spectacular. It resides on my living room wall next to an old Apache basket and a Chinle rug with a complementary ochre color. I look forward to following your stunning work.

    • Jan, thank you so much for letting me know San Francisco de Asis Mission Church found its home with you. I love thinking of it on your wall next to your Apache basket and Chinle rug. It’s sounds like it found its perfect home. When I saw the sun cast the shadow of the cross on the church and the birds were gracing the edge I thought St. Francis would have been pleased indeed and it needed to be painted. So glad you like my work and please stop by the studio if you’re every in Durango. – Lyn

  4. Hello Lyn,
    We are your Italian friends. We had the pleasure to meet you at the Grand Canyon while you were painting a wonderful picture and had a very nice and interesting chat.
    I like your works herewith presented in your website. They are really outstanding.
    Hope you remember us. Keep in touch and let us know about your project.
    I am Giovanni the one who spoke English.

    Much love
    Giovanni + Elio + Nadia + Matteo

    • Hello Giovanni, Elio, Nadia and Matteo! It was so fun to meet you at the Grand Canyon! Thank you for your nice note. Half the fun of my job is the wonderful new friends I meet along the way. Thank you for the kind words about the paintings on my website Giovanni. Do keep in touch and have a wonderful holiday season! Your friend, Lyn

  5. I met you in St. George at the OPA show and chatted with you a bit. You left your card with me and today I went back to check out your painting. WOW! it is gorgeous. I love your brush work and your colors. If I had been the judge you would have received a ribbon. Your colors, use and design of space, light and darks were exceptional. I think it was one of the most powerful pieces there. You are now on my list of artists to frequenty check on. Barbara

    • It was so nice to meet you in St. George Barbara! Thank you for the really kind comments about my painting and for taking the time to go see it. I was pleased the awards judge did in fact give it a nice ribbon! Gosh…hope someone didn’t walk off with it! 😉 Perhaps they removed the ribbons after the opening. Stop by the studio if you are ever through Durango!

  6. Lyn, I was so entranced by you colors and brush work I completely overlooked the ribbon. it was still there. I have a question. What colors did you have on your palette when you painted that picture, I would really like to know. Thanks Barbara

    • Lol! Great to hear Barbara! I used my standard studio palette: Titanium White, Cad Yellow Lemon, Cad Yellow, Cad Red Light, Cad Orange, Alizarin Permanent, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Manganese Hue and Transparent Red Oxide. All the pigments are M.Graham except for the Alizarin Permanent and Manganese Hue which are Gamblin. – Lyn

  7. Thanks for sharing, I was wondering if you had used something like manganese and red iron oxide. You do great mixing of greyed color. Barbara

  8. Just want to thank you for the article ‘8 Seconds’. I’ve been frustrated trying to find a ‘road map’ to improving my painting skills, and the article hit the mark. Others have said the same thing and I knew this intellectually, but finally connected with me via your outline.

    • Hi Roseanne! Thank you for taking the time to leave the nice comments on ‘8 Seconds’. I’m so glad the article resonated with you and helped you chart a course forward. I totally understand how without some structure we can find ourselves walking in circles in the desert so to speak – frustrated that we don’t see measurable progress. With a ‘map’ this whole painting thing IS doable. Wishing you much success and joy from your progress as a painter! – Lyn

  9. I absolutely love your work! I will be contacting you in 2019 to schedule a private class at your convenience.
    Until then, I wish you all the best!

  10. Lyn Boyer this is Mary Williams in Boulder. I want you to know I still think of the piece I had for the OPA W.R. I do not like your work….I LOVE your work. My door and my walls are always open to your special and honest paintings.
    Best, Mary

    • Hi Mary. Thank you SO much for your gracious comment. It really touches me that my work resonated with you. Know that I have not forgotten you and I PLAN on doing some paintings for you in 2019 🙂 Very best to you, Lyn

  11. Well , meeting you at my first PACE 16 in Tucson was a nice thing. Little did I know how talented you were but wowzza!! Getting to know your work was exciting , but getting to know you was really the best, and a fun friendship has been great. Also I am lucky enough to have a GC piece of art from the Celebration. Next I’m hoping I can do a workshop with you sometime….(me scared a little! 😳)🤣
    Keep on truckin Kemosabe!! 🎨😉🤩

    • Well dang. Ditto that Debbers! Been a blast getting to be pals. Hey…you’re the best. I mean special home baked treats delivered to my campsite to keep me fueled up at the Grand Canyon! Awesome!! You really just oughta saddle up and take a workshop. You’d have a blast – and hopefully take home a new skill or two. I’m seriously not scary at all. Gizzard…he’s a different story. But being aware that he’s small enough to be stepped on he’s pretty well behaved. Besides no one is allowed to be scared in a workshop called “No Fear Oil Painting!” Lol.

  12. Dear Lyn, I feel lucky to have known you back in high school and your amazing pathway with your gorgeous paintings. I love all of them, I would never be able to choose a favorite! One day I would love to have you come to “En Plein Air Texas”
    ( you can stay with me ! Meanwhile, I will enjoy the life you depict on your canvas…with love. Allura

    • So awesome to still be in touch. Some fun high school memories for sure. Thanks for the kind words and I’m happy you like my paintings!! ‘En Plein Air Texas’ is on my possible ‘to do’ list some day but haven’t been able to fit it in the schedule yet. Would be so fun to see you 🙂 XO

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