Just around the corner from ‘obvious’…

Seems most every painting I do leaves me with a little something to ponder – my Yoda moments. Anyone familiar with Taos will likely not recognize this as San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church. The typical view shows the sweeping buttresses, bell towers and imposing entry. Always curious I walked around the side of the church. So… immediately threw my gear on the ground, grabbed my sketchbook and quickly recorded enough of the fleeting moment to complete the painting once I got my easel set up. If I put on the brakes, just for a second or two and take the time to look beyond the obvious – life holds all kinds of awesomeness!

San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church - Taos, NM 10x10 - plein air oil on linen panel 550.00 - unframed

San Francisco de Assisi Mission Church – Taos, NM

10×10 – plein air

oil on linen panel

550.00 – unframed

Fox in the house…I wish!

Happy holidays everyone! I got a request from someone to see a bit of the process on the painting of my fox friend that I completed at the gallery this week so here ’tis. Hope you enjoy the peek ‘under the hood’.

A little background. If I do have to paint inside from one of my photos I have two criteria. First, is it something that carries personal memories for me and second, is it something I’ve come to understand through a lot of hours of observation. The fox family has lived under my deck for the past three years and they’ve¬†become something of critter friends – from a polite distance. They’ll look in the window or nap in the sun on occasion a few yards away. One of the babies ended up tottering around under my legs while I had coffee one morning. Mom fox told me what she thought about that – which was not much. I knew I’d just been seriously told off in fox language. Though I secretly wish they’d come inside and hang out on the couch with me I’m careful not to encourage them. Don’t want them to become too comfortable with two-leggeds as sadly, not all are friendly – referring to the two-leggeds, not the foxes .

14×11 oil on linen panel
 1200.00 framed
Available at Sendero Gallery, Durango, CO. fox-process-composite