The forest for the trees…

I participated in an art event in June up at Wolf Creek Pass. “Art for the Endangered Landscape: Honoring Wolf Creek”.  I hiked. I photographed. I set up and painted. In the end I realized being ‘in’ the mountains I couldn’t ‘see’ the mountains. I couldn’t feel the vastness of the Great Divide. Feel what it took to labor over Wolf Creek Pass to get from the Front Range to the Western Slope. I wanted to step back and feel what it meant to look at a mountain range and then travel its passes.  Up in the mountains I was having a true ‘I couldn’t see the forest for the trees moment’. Or rather, ‘I couldn’t see the mountains for the trees’.  I drove back down the pass and looked back. This is what I wanted to paint. I could see the ‘big picture’.  Life is like that. Sometimes we just need to step back and take the long view and everything feels right with the world again.

 Wolf Creek Watching 8x8 plein air - oil on linen panel $525

Wolf Creek Watching

8×8 plein air – oil on linen panel


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