Wait for it…

When I head out for the day I never know what the ‘take away’ will be when I head home for the day. It’s always an experience, most times a painting and sometimes a reminder. I wasn’t too enthused about being out with my paintbox on this overcast day. That incredible Colorado sky was nowhere to be seen and everywhere I looked the light was flat and the landscape was… well…sleeping.  Which is where I wished I was.  I remembered a story I’d heard about a college professor who had handed out writing assignments for the final exam by having students reach into a bowl and choose a slip of paper. They were to write about the subject on the slip of paper. One student reached into the bowl, picked his slip of paper.  He looked at the professor and announced it was a boring subject and he wanted another. The professor locked eyes with him and said, “There are no boring subjects, only boring writers.” When I’m feeling less than inspired I often re-play that scene in my mind and replace the word ‘writer’ with ‘painter’.  After giving myself the appropriate slap upside the head I saw a ravine that slashed its way down the cliffside in an interesting pattern. The wind was starting to come up and it looked like it was going to rain but I had gotten my mojo back so put off packing up.  Just then the sun broke through the clouds and lit up the grass on the south side of the ravine like someone had flipped a switch.  I was mesmerized.  It must have lasted less than three seconds.  I didn’t even have time to swing my camera up but I closed my eyes and let the image burn itself into my mind’s eye.  That’s what’s exciting about plein air painting.  To capture an amazing moment and then get to share it so other people can ‘see’ it and share in the magic. What could be more fun than that.  And… the take away… don’t hurry through life because if you pack up too early you might miss the moment.  So…wait for it…wait for it…

 The Watershed 8x8 - oil on linen panel $425

The Watershed

8×8 – oil on linen panel


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